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New features ► Misc. enhancements

You can also show/hide controller events by clicking the Track view View menu and selecting Display > Show MIDI Controller Events.
You can right-click the Show/Hide Arranger Inspector button to access a list of all sections in the active Arranger track. This allows you to quickly navigate to sections without having to open the Arranger inspector.
You can now optionally send a “Send All Notes Off” message to all VST plug-ins on transport stop by enabling Send All-Notes-Off Messages on Stop in Edit > Preferences > File - VST Settings.
To enable MMCSS for ASIO drivers, select Enable MMCSS for ASIO Driver in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording. Typically, you should only enable this for drivers that are known to not support MMCSS.
When MMCSS is enabled, the main audio thread now runs in MMCSS mode when driver model is WASAPI in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording. This should improve performance a bit when running onboard audio devices in WASAPI shared mode.
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