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New features ► Misc. enhancements

To change the display language, go to Edit > Preferences > Customization - Display and select the desired language under Language.
In order to accommodate screen readers, the TAB key is no longer bound to “Tab to transients” by default. You can re-enable this function again in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts; bind the TAB key to AudioSnap Go To Next Transient Marker and bind SHIFT+TAB to AudioSnap Go To Previous Transient Marker.
The Archive button is now a tri-state button in order to indicate if a track folder contains a mixture of archived and unarchived tracks.
Note: If you use a custom user theme, you must update the theme in Theme Editor in order for the Archive button to display correctly. For details, see UI themes and Cakewalk Theme Editor. In the meantime, switch to the factory Tungsten or Mercury theme.
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