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New features ► Improved AudioSnap transient detection

The AudioSnap transient detection method can now be specified in Edit > Preferences > Project - AudioSnap under Transient Detection. There are three methods:
Spectral (default for legacy projects)
Multi-Resolution (default for new projects)
Multi-Resolution is the new default transient detection method for new projects, and Spectral and Magnitude are the older legacy modes. The Multi-Resolution transient detection algorithm provides improved transient analysis that works well with most audio source material.
The detection mode is stored in the project and older projects will continue to use Spectral until changed via Edit > Preferences > Project - AudioSnap.
Note: The new transient analysis will not be used by default on previously saved projects. You must explicitly pick the Multi-Resolution algorithm from Edit > Preferences > Project - AudioSnap before this will take effect for that project. Once you resave the project with this change it will continue to use the new algorithm for all audio.
When the detection method is changed, you will be prompted that project audio waveforms will be recomputed. After regeneration of the waveforms are complete, the new transients will be visible when switching the edit filter to Transients. The default transient threshold (available in the AudioSnap palette) is different for each transient detector mode. Note that any edited transients are retained when switching the transient detector mode.
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