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You can now insert a committed arrangement into the existing project at the Now Time. To do so, right-click the Commit Arrangement to Project button in the Arranger Inspector and select Insert Committed Arrangement.
As with the Commit Arrangement to Project command, holding down the SHIFT key while selecting the command will cause the events under the arrangement sections to be copied as linked clips.
You can specify how shape smoothing works when using the Freehand tool on envelope shapes. To do so, click the Track view Options menu, point to Freehand Smoothing, then select one of the following options:
Smooth. Uses the existing fit-to-curve functionality. This is the default setting.
As Drawn (Linear). Joins the nodes up with linear shapes.
As Drawn (Jumps). Leaves the nodes as is, making them jump shapes.
When inserting a multi-output soft synth with the Instrument Track Per Output option enabled, Cakewalk creates multiple Instrument tracks that share a single instance of the soft synth.
When assigning a custom Note Names setting in the Piano Roll view (right-click the piano keyboard or note label pane), the setting now persists on a per track basis. Closing and re-opening the Piano Roll view remembers the last setting used for each track. The settings are with the project.
In the Articulation Map Editor, you can now offset the start time and override the duration of New Note output events in the Transform Existing MIDI Events section.
Time Offset (T). A positive time delay in MBT that will be applied to the new note.
Duration Override (D). A replacement duration for the new note. If left at 0:00:000, the new note will inherit the duration of the original note.
The Insert Tempo Change dialog box defaults to Change the Most Recent Tempo, unless clicking the Insert Tempo Change button in the Tempo Inspector, in which case it defaults to Insert a New Tempo.
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