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AutomationCreating and editing automation envelopes ► Envelope mode and Offset mode

Envelope mode. In envelope mode, volume and pan faders follow the project’s automation and do not respond to changes you make in real-time.
Offset mode. In Offset mode, you “offset” the current automation in a track using a parameter’s controls. For example, if a pan envelope is set to hard left (100% left) and you adjust the pan in offset mode to 100% right, then the pan parameter is now set to hard right. Setting the pan in offset mode to 50% right would set the pan to the center.
Click the Offset mode button in the Control Bar’s Mix module.
There are several advantages when using the Envelope Display on a Percentage Scale option:
Go to Edit > Preferences > Customization - Display and select the Display Envelopes on Percentage Scale check box.
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