The most complete music production package

The creative experience only SONAR offers: advanced technology, effortless workflow, and an interface that amplifies inspiration.


Easily compose complete songs and performances with creative songwriting tools and instruments


Capture inspired performances with pristine quality and unlimited audio and MIDI tracks


Fix mistakes, arrange parts, and manipulate pitch, time, and any other aspect of your recordings


Achieve pristine pro-studio sounds and create big, clear, dynamic mixes with advanced mixing tools


Polish your finished mixes to perfection with built-in mastering tools


Export and publish your songs directly to YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook and more

without limits

Navigate your projects with the award-winning Skylight Interface, fully customizable to suit your workflow
Enjoy unlimited Audio, MIDI, Instrument, Loop, and Auxiliary Tracks in every project
Experience the industry-best audio engine, VST3, Touch, and all the leading technologies you’d expect from a leading DAW
Choose from three versions designed to meet your needs and budget

A world of instruments

Whether you’re a songwriter, producer, or composer, SONAR has the instruments you need to build your production from the ground up

Guitar & Bass

Studio Quality Effects

For tracking, mixing, or mastering, with FX ranging from the essential to the unique, SONAR has you covered.

QuadCurve EQ
BlueTubes Bundle

Integrated tools for superior workflow

Effortlessly build, tweak, and complete your productions with a stunning array of built-in features.

Melodyne Essential
Drum Replacer
Integrated Step Sequencer
Mix Recall

State of the art audio quality and technology

Gratifying results from challenging the status quo of audio software for over a quarter century.

64-bit Mix Engine

The first to offer this precision audio technology, SONAR's advanced 64-bit mix engine delivers clean, dynamic, accurate mixes every time.


Never worry about signal degradation again. You can always be sure your plug-ins are outputting the highest quality audio possible.

VST3 Support

SONAR supports the most stable, accurate, and efficient plug-in format for Windows machines so you can use more FX and synths in your project.


Another industry first, SONAR’s compatibility with touch devices adds analog feel and workflow-enhancing efficiency.

Windows 10

Compatibility comes standard. We’re always on top of our game, ensuring support on all the most current Windows platforms.

ARA Support

Harness the power of Audio Random Access for seamless integration of powerful and modern editing tools.

Versatility that’s perfect for any style of music

Regardless of your taste, SONAR’s all-encompassing palette of tools will help you get the job done right.


Organize loops, phrases, and one-shots into cells and columns for real-time triggering.
Build complex soundscapes with multiple grooves, alternate sections, drops, breakdowns - all playable in real time from one or more MIDI controllers
Trigger synths and other external MIDI gear
Build beats with SONAR’s integrated Step Sequencer
Auto-Populate and tweak patterns with per-lane and per-step flam, offset, swing, and probability control

SONAR for Rock & Pop

Record solo or full-band sessions with unlimited audio track recording
Get classic analog warmth and response with a variety of console, tape, and tube emulation modules
Create the perfect performance with easy-to-use take lanes and comping tools
Forge your sound through multiple FX plug-in collections
Categorize tracks in folders, and navigate through your project with ease

SONAR for Film and Video Games

Compose a score with a variety of views, instruments, and tools
Adjust your foley to the exact frame with nudge functionality
Align your ADR to the original field dialog using VocalSync
Distribute windows across multiple screens simultaneously so you always have a clear view of your work
Mix and export in surround for the ultimate audio-visual experience

Which version
is right for you?

SONAR now boasts a powerful new lineup designed to meet the needs of any musician, regardless of skill level or budget.

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