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Figure 318. The Custom module.
A. Assignable button (right-click to assign)
None. Clear the button assignment.
Menu Items. Assign any of Cakewalk’s main menu commands.
Commands. Assign any Cakewalk command that is exposed as a key binding. For details, see Key bindings.
Rename. Rename the button.
Right-click a button, point to Menu Items or Commands, then select the desired command.
Right-click a button and select Rename on the pop-up menu.
Right-click a button and select None on the pop-up menu.
Note: Button assignments are saved with workspaces by default (see Workspaces). If you use a workspace, be sure to resave the workspace after making button assignments. Otherwise, the next time you load a project or reload the workspace, the button assignments will revert to the saved workspace assignments.
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