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New features ► Misc enhancements

To show/hide values on automation envelopes, click the Track view View menu and select Display > Show Values on Envelopes.
To show/hide waveform outlines, click the Track view View menu and select Display > Show Waveform Outlines.
To open the Track Manager, click the Track view Tracks menu and select Track Manager or press the H key.
When you select a theme in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Themes, or launch Cakewalk with an old custom user theme active, Cakewalk checks to make sure the custom theme is compatible with the current version of Cakewalk.
If the selected theme needs to be updated, Cakewalk will show a Custom Theme Incompatibility warning, and ask if you want to continue to use the theme:
If you click Yes, some UI elements might be corrupted until the theme is updated and resaved in Theme Editor.
If you click No, Cakewalk will revert to the factory Mercury theme.
To specify the error detection sensitivity, add the following variable in Cakewalk.ini (Edit > Preferences > File - Initialization File):
As of 2021.01 Update 1, we have dialed back the default error sensitivity to 1, since a few plug-ins were preventing projects from loading. The sensitivity value defaults to 1 but can changed to 7 make it catch even more plug-in errors.
To revert to the default value, delete the ExceptionHandlingSeverity variable.
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