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Controlling playback ► Changing track settings

Figure 105. Audio track.
A. Track color B. Track number C. Header icon D. Track name E. Peak value F. Maximize/restore G. Meter
A. Track number B. Track name C. Edit Filter D. Mute E. Automation Read F. Solo G. Automation Write H. Arm for recording I. Freeze J. Input echo K. Archive L. Peak level M. Expand/collapse track N. Track icon O. WAI display P. Track color Q. Expand/collapse Take Lanes R. Expand/collapse Automation Lanes S. Volume slider T. Input U. Output V. Pan slider W. FX Rack X. Meter
A. Enable/disable plug-in B. Plug-in name C. Click to insert new plug-in
A name that you assign the track for easy reference. Note that if you do not assign a name to a track, the default name is the track number. This track number will change if you change the order of your tracks.
A. Track color B. Track number C. Header icon D. Track name E. Maximize/restore F. Meter
A. Track number B. Track name C. Edit Filter D. Mute E. Automation Read F. Solo G. Automation Write H. Arm for recording I. Input echo J. Archive K. Expand/collapse track L. Track icon M. WAI display N. Track color O. Expand/collapse Take Lanes P. Expand/collapse Automation Lanes Q. Volume slider R. Input S. Channel T. Patch U. Velocity+ V. Output W. Bank X. Pan slider Y. FX Rack Z. Meter
A. Track scale B. MIDI FX Rack
Open the Track Manager dialog box (press H), and check or uncheck a track’s check box in the dialog box.
Click the Expand/collapse button in the track
To adjust the same control in all selected tracks of the same type, hold down the CTRL key and adjust a control in any selected channel strip.
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