Cakewalk Single Sign-On Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble logging into your Cakewalk SSO acount, the below suggestions may be able to help. If you are still unable to gain access, please contact Cakewalk Support for more assistance.

My password is not being accepted

You can reset your Cakewalk SSO account password here. The email address on file for the account will be emailed a new temporary password. When entering your temporary password, please make sure to type it correctly. If copying and pasting it fails, please try typing it manually. Some email clients embed extra characters or white space into web forms which may be cause the password to not be accepted when copying and pasting.

It says my account is not verified/approved. How do I verify my account?

When you create a Cakewalk SSO account, a verification email is sent to the email address you have provided. This is to ensure that you are a human and are the owner of the email address provided. You must log into your email account and click the verification link to approve your account. If you did not receive the verification email or have deleted it, when you attempt to log in a new verification email will be sent. If you are not receiving a verification email, please double-check your junk or spam folders.

I cannot migrate my previous Forum Account to a Cakewalk SSO account

In order to migrate your previous Forum Account to a Cakewalk SSO account you must have your old username/login and password. If you do not remember the password to your old forum account, you can request a new one with the Lost Forum Password form. Please note that for this to work you must have access to the email address on file with your previous forum account. If you do not have access to this email address, all is not lost. please contact cakewalk support for additional assistance.

It says I'm logged in, but after I change pages I am immediately logged out

Your Cakewalk SSO login uses cookies to store your login session. If you have cookies disabled in your web browser, you will need to enable them or allow an exclusion for If you have any browser extensions or add-ons that block the creation of cookies, please try disabling them to see if this helps. If neither of these work, we recommend clearing your browser's cookies and attempting to log in again.

More information on troubleshooting cookies in common web browsers can be found below:

I'm locked out after too many failed password attempts. Help!

This is pretty rare and hard to do, but in the event you are locked out please contact Cakewalk Support for help unlocking your account.

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