Melodyne 4 Essential

Melodyne 4 Essential is now included in all versions of SONAR Professional and Platinum. And thanks to the seamless ARA integration, SONAR customers can enjoy a better experience when using Melodyne. With Version 4, Celemony introduces new features to award-winning software including:

Edit Entire Mixes

Melodyne 4 introduces a new Universal algorithm, ideally suited to time-stretching and pitch-shifting entire mixes. It also provides a more CPU-friendly way to edit polyphonic material without sacrificing any of the superior quality you expect from Melodyne.

Modern New Interface

Much like SONAR, Melodyne’s new UI has been designed to fit your workflow, adding customizable configurations and better information overviews. It’s also been optimized for compatibility and stability with all the latest 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems and DAWs.

Improved Tempo Detection

Melodyne 4’s new tempo algorithms detect tempos, time signatures and changes more accurately than ever before, allowing you to to match the tempo of any audio clip or loop to any other audio clip or loop more precisely.

Multi-Track Viewing (Melodyne Studio only)

SONAR users can enjoy the ability to view data from multiple audio tracks all in one single Melodyne window, making it faster and easier to time align data on different tracks.

This is especially useful when working with multi-track drums for example. Support for this feature is available exclusively in the current edition of SONAR.

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