New Sounds

Dirty, chunky, clean or funky, the slew of new amps, cabs, mics, and fx provide a palette for thousands of possible combinations and endless tone-sculpting capabilities. The newly-added bass amp models are sure to get the bottom end booming, and the guitar tones will surpass your every expectation of modern-day amp-modelling software. Thanks to a refined and ultra-precise new DSP engine for amps and effects, the preamp and power amp stages have been improved for more accurate dynamic response, while more detailed IRs for cabinets and spaces create the feeling you thought you could only get playing in front of a real amp.

New Look & Feel

Enjoy a no-frills new interface sure to help you build, tweak, and recall your favorite tones with precision and ease. The new Presets and Components flyout panels are built into the plug-in window with a show/hide toggle so you can navigate the interface without window-hopping and menu-diving. All components are drag & drop and can be sorted, removed, or replaced in a single click for instant tonal gratification. Best of all, the window zooms and rescales as you see fit, so you’ll never lose sight of your tone again.

New Tools

Fine-tuning your tone has never been easier with multiple levels of effective shaping controls for 3-D mic placement, blending and phase inversion, assorted ambience types, granular amp and fx controls, and the introduction of ReSPiRe (Real Sound Pressure Response) technology to reproduce that feeling you get when you’re playing in front of a cranked cabinet. And for those who love to jam, there’s even a Looper function, great for writing solos, building lush harmony layers, and composing massive guitar orchestrations.

See it in action

Upgrade to the full version of TH3

TH3 Cakewalk is just the beginning. While there’s plenty in here to keep you busy (we did the math, there really are thousands of tonal possibilities) you can upgrade to the full version of TH3 for even more guitar and bass sounds. The full version includes over 200 models - more than any other amp-modelling plug-in available - so you can tweak and shape your tone to your heart’s content.

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