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Make SONAR your own with the Theme Editor, an integrated utility that gives you total control over your DAW’s look with any photo editing application. Create beautiful alterations of either the Tungsten and Mercury Themes or expand on our Theme Editor Toolkit of ready-to-use assets that ship with the app. Themes are compact and easy to load, so attaching your theme to an email and sending it to your friends is easy.

Top Features

Browse Any View, Any Parameter

The Theme Browser organizes all of SONAR’s assets into a clean folder hierarchy for immediate access to all customizable parameters. Searching for a specific parameter or view is quick and easy.

Any Color At Your Fingertips

The Theme Editor encourages you to completely overhaul SONAR’s default color state. The built in RGB Color picker gives you access to the entire color spectrum, complete with hexadecimal color codes.

Customize Button States

Get complete access to all button states within SONAR and create your own color story on hover, click, and much more. Double-clicking an image opens your go-to photo editor for fast editing and immaculate file management.

Your Own ProChannel Design

Create your own analog look for every module in your mix. The Theme Editor for SONAR Platinum allows you to modify or replace the ProChannel Module backgrounds, knobs and button states.

Track Icon Compatibility

Easily replace any track icon of with your own design. Fly in pictures of your favorite guitar, your pets, your third party synth, or even a headshot. There’s nowhere you can’t take the look and feel of your DAW.

Customize Knob Positions

Using SONAR with default knobs is now your choice. The Theme Editor gives you control over every last knob position for SONAR, including pan, gain, sends, EQ, Compressors and much more.


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Use Your Own Photo Editing Apps To Customize SONAR


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