SONAR X3e Update

Last updated on 3/28/2016

A new update is available for SONAR X3, SONAR X3 Studio, and SONAR X3 Producer that addresses user reported issues. In order to install this update you must have SONAR X3 already installed. Note that this is a cumulative update. You can install SONAR X3e directly over the any of the following versions of SONAR X3:


  •  SONAR X3 release version (available on discs),
  •  SONAR X3a ESD version (available as a digital download)
  •  SONAR X3b
  •  SONAR X3c
  •  SONAR X3d

Fixes and Enhancements



The information below documents a number of fixes and enhancements that are part of SONAR X3e. Because SONAR X3e is cumulative, installing it will bring you up to date with all of the following fixes as well as all of the fixes contained within SONAR X3b, SONAR X3c and SONAR X3d. The fixes in SONAR X3e include (but are not limited to) the following:

Video Engine Enhancements:



SONAR X3d introduced support for Microsoft's Media Foundation Framework. As part of SONAR X3d and SONAR X3e, the video engine defaults to using Microsoft’s Media Foundation framework, instead of DirectShow. This fundamentally improves the way video files are loaded, played, edited and exported in SONAR. Media Foundation generally supports most older formats supported by DirectShow as well as many newer formats such as H264 video. 

New to SONAR X3e:

If a compatibility issue with a video file is encountered, SONAR will automatically revert to the DirectShow video engine in that project. It is also possible set SONAR to use the DirectShow engine by default. To do this:


  • click the "Edit Config File" button in Preferences | Configuration File 
  • Add the following lines at the top of the file
  • [Video]
  • VideoEngine=0
  • Save the file from Notepad
  • Click "Reload Config Settings"

Now subsequently loaded projects will use the new DirectShow engine setting. Removing the above lines, or setting VideoEngine=1, will allow SONAR to globally use the new Media Foundation engine.




  • Resolved an issue where the background VST Scanner would not scan all plug-ins when “Re-scan failed plug-ins” and “Re-scan existing plug-ins” were selected
  • Resolved an issue where moving a VST3 plug-in from one FX Bin to another on a saved project could result in lost plug-in settings
  • Support for UADs Chaining API has been removed from SONAR as it is no longer supported by UA. This corrects potential warning messages and unstable behavior when using UAD plug-ins in SONAR
  • Resolved an issue where the VST Scanner was hanging/crashing when scanning certain DMG Audio plugins (32-bit VST2 as well as VST3 versions)
  • Resolved an issue where FX Chain modules would reset input and output sliders to 0 upon reloading a preset or freezing a track (CWBRN-21885, 13200)
  • Resolved an issue where certain VST3 plug-ins (Waves, DMG) would not retain their settings when reopening a project (CWBRN-23699, 23932, 24472)
  • Resolved an issue where DMG VST2 plug-ins would expose the wrong interleave setting in SONAR
  • Resolved an error generated with Nomad Factory’s Magnetic II and Cosmos plug-ins when selecting items from dropdown menus
  • Resolved an issue where ProChannel EQ parameters could reset to default settings when reopening a document

Melodyne ARA Integration:



  • Resolved an issue where copying and pasting Melodyne ARA clips would not retain changes made to the original clip (CWBRN-23095, 23145)
  • Resolved an issue where lowering the project tempo of Melodyne ARA clips that were set to “Follow Host Tempo” would not result in the Melodyne clips playing slower
  • Resolved an issue where Melodyne blobs in RegionFX clips were not lining up with the grid at certain tempos




  • Resolved an issue where moving clips in Take Lanes could result in corrupted clip previews.
  • Resolved an issue where automation would not display in Automation Lanes after restoring a screenset where the lanes were expanded (CWBRN-20226, 17385)
  • Resolved an issue where bouncing a clip in a Take Lane could shift it to another Take Lane instead of bouncing the clip in place
  • Resolved an issue where deleting a clip and then saving/reopening a project could result in blank space between Take Lanes when performing new recordings (CWBRN-21339)
  • Resolved an issue where Speed Comping would not apply the same edits to Grouped Tracks where lanes were collapsed (CWBRN-22783)
  • Resolved an issue where Control strip meter scales would not persist with saved projects or screensets (CWBRN-6617, 11646)
  • The selected track output in the output picker is now indicated by a check mark
  • Resolved an issue where the Track Manager would not open from the Console View if a Simple Instrument Track was nested in a Track Folder (CWBRN-22251, 16112)
  • Resolved an issue where SHIFT + Dragging a clip would not constrain it horizontally as intended
  • Resolved an issue where bouncing down a cropped MIDI clip could revert the clip back to it’s original length (CWBRN-10208)
  • Resolved an issue where minimizing/maximizing SONAR would make windows on multiple monitors forget their view state (CWBRN-14593, 17792)
  • Muted clips in Take Lanes are now muted when parent tracks are muted
  • Resolved an issue where Snap By in PRV Specific Snap would not work if Snap to MIDI events is also enabled
  • Resolved an issue where the Playlist would wait for an additional key press when “Keep playlist on top of other views” was enabled (CWBRN-20634, 20620)
  • Improved performance when using the mouse with Aim Assist enabled during playback
  • Resolved an issue in the 32-bit version of SONAR X3 Producer where the flyout ProChannel EQ would not draw certain controls when manipulated in real-time
  • Resolved an issue where Snap To Clips and MIDI Landmarks was not properly snapping to visible clips after scrolling in the Track View
  • Resolved an issue where inserting a mono effect first in a chain on a stereo track would not update the interleave button to mono (and vice versa) (CWBRN-22777)
  • Resolved an issue where Zoom with ALT + Mousewheel would stop working in the clips pane after using the timeline zoom gesture (CWBRN-22192, 22913)
  • Resolved an issue where the Select Mode of the Smart Tool was not available on clips when Take Lane heights were maximized or when the waveform display was set to maximize waveform height
  • Improved UI performance during playback with projects containing multiple lanes and Auto Zoom enabled
  • Resolved an issue where Track Templates containing Take Lanes would not redraw the Take Lanes correctly when inserting
  • Resolved an issue where unexpected scrolling could occur when switching between the track pane and the bus pane
  • New accelerators have been added to the Browser for keyboard accessibility
    • Add 3 new Global Permanent accelerators to switch the Browser TABs:
      • Media Files (CTRL+SHIFT+F),
      • Plugins (CTRL+SHIFT+P),
      • Synth Rack (CTRL+SHIFT+S).
      • [These are also now available as Global custom Key Bindings]
    • For Media Files, added accelerators for:
      • Move Up (CTRL+U),
      • Refresh (CTRL+R),
      • Toggle Folders (CTRL+F),
      • Toggle Auto Preview (CTRL+SHIFT+A),
      • Toggle View Display (CTRL+SHIFT+V),
      • There was already an accelerator to toggle Play (CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE).
      • You can use the down or Right arrow and Enter (Return) to move through the directory tree.
    • For Plugins , added the ability to choose which Type to view:
      • Audio Plugins (CTRL+A)
      • MIDI Plugins (CTRL+M)
      • Instruments (CTRL+I)
      • Rewire Devices (CTRL+R)
      • You can use the down and right arrows to move through and expand the tree.
      • You can use the up and left arrows to move up and collapse the tree.
  • Removed incorrect key binding references for Melodyne and V-Vocal
  • Video pane parameters no longer switch colors when changing focus
  • “Delete Special” has been added to the Key Bindings menu (CWBRN-13951)
  • Resolved an issue where resizing VST3 plug-ins as well as changing screensets with docked VST3 plug-ins could result in the plug-in UI not drawing correctly
  • Resolved an issue where playing a project with a floating MultiDock and hidden Browser could result in orphaned windows when in a Playlist set (CWBRN-21765)
  • Resolved an issue where FX Chain knob labels in the ProChannel were out of alignment (CWBRN-22571)
  • Resolved an issue where Instrument Tracks within Folders would not be selected properly when opening the Track Manager
  • Vertical Zoom in the PRV Drum Grid now participates with vertical zoom in the PRV Notes Grid. (CWBRN-20756)
  • Resolved an issue where the Note Properties menu in the PRV was truncating fields in Japanese translations of SONAR
  • Resolved an issue where the Now Time position in the Tempo View was not consistent with the Track View (CWBRN-20474)
  • PRV Grid Resolution > Follow Snap Settings is now more conscious of PRV Specific Snap override settings
  • If PRV Specific Snap is enabled, the PRV Specific Snap resolution will set the Grid Resolution (this is regardless of if Global Snap is on or off)
  • If PRV Specific Snap is disabled, the Global Snap resolution will determine the Grid Resolution
  • Resolved an issue where changing the Time Ruler Format in the PRV would not update
  • Miscellaneous Track View, Console View and Inspector FX bin drag and drop improvements/fixes
  • Fixed some minor Track View video strip font layout issues
  • Fixed a minor ProChannel FX Chain UI layout issue

Audio and MIDI:



  • Resolved an issue where MIDI timing would drift when looping playback of virtual instruments (CWBRN-9103, 11472)
  • Resolved an issue where MIDI notes could be dropped/skipped when looping playback with Input Quantize enabled (CWBRN-20951, 22238, 23364, 20529, 22705)
  • Resolved an issue where Loop Recording would progressively drift with each pass when using Punch In points (CWBRN-10522)
  • Resolved an issue where recording between punch points could offset the audio recording by the current buffer setting
  • Resolved an issue where Melodyne or V-Vocal clips would not playback at their position indicated on the timeline if measures were inserted before the clip
  • Resolved an issue where recording in the PRV when having lanes closed in the Track View could potentially result in MIDI notes not being recorded
  • Resolved an issue where manually punching repeatedly during recording could result in subsequent clips not being recorded
  • Resolved an issue where recording with punch points set could cause an additional empty clip to be drawn at the start of the punch point
  • Resolved an issue where MIDI preview clips would draw onto audio tracks when MIDI Out was enabled on a VSTi while no MIDI devices were enabled in Preferences
  • Resolved an issue where the end of audio clips could become truncated when loop recording
  • Resolved an issue where importing a mono audio file while also having “Import as Mono Tracks” would result in the created track being 100% hard panned left
  • Media Foundation Audio formats (ex. .m4a)  are now properly detected by SONAR’s Input Audio dialog
  • Fixed delay on arming tracks with RME hardware. To enable faster track arming right click the record button and enable “allow arm changes on playback/record”
  • Resolved an issue where importing an mp3 with an IDE v2.4 tag could trigger an “Out of Memory” error




  • Resolved a crash that could occur when switching between the Track View and Console View with the Concrete Limiter present in the ProChannel (CWBRN-7569, 7570, 7810, 8205, 8626, 7569, 7570, 7810, 12665, 12666, 14397, 14773, 14825, 20331, 20340, 20521, 20518, 20524, 20522, 20795, 21111, 21228, 21303, 21357, 21354, 21358, 21353, 21445, 21481, 21482, 21874, 21924, 22261, 22282, 22735, 22736, 22930, 22956, 23163, 23225, 23348, 23349, 23959, 23998, 21695, 21696, 21751)
  • Resolved a crash that could occur using Voxengo and UAD plug-ins in the same FX bin
  • Resolved a potential crash with auto-punch and loop recording enabled when in ASIO driver mode
  • Resolved potential crashes on launch when opening projects containing AudioSnap (CWBRN-5474, 7543, 7788, 7840, 7891, 7791, 8250, 10560, 10561, 7840, 7891, 7543, 7788, 13243, 13244, 13257,  3292, 15394, 15396,17594, 15258, 15260, 15259, 17601, 18087, 18088, 18222, 19432, 20786, 21771, 16009, 6514)
  • Resolved a potential hang when editing audio in a project that contains video
  • Resolved a potential crash when using SHIFT + F to expand all track contents
  • Resolved a hang when auditioning MIDI drum loops (CWBRN-7163, 7170, 7171, 7173, 7205, 7688, 7692, 8107, 8709, 8858, 9800, 10024, 10146, 10479)
  • Resolved a crash when clicking the “Loop On/Off” button in the Control Bar when in a Playlist and the Playlist view is set to be always on top (CWBRN-19331)
  • Resolved a potential crash in the Playlist when playing a project while a background project was referencing a DXi plug-in
  • Resolved a potential crash in the Playlist when loading a project without any tracks
  • Resolved a potential crash when dragging the VST3 plug-in from the Browser to a Bus to create a ProChannel FX Chain (CWBRN-24050)
  • Resolved an issue where projects created in Home Studio could potentially crash SONAR X3 on load
  • Numerous project specific crash related stability fixes




  •  Resolved an issue where Japanese versions of SONAR would display English Online Help
  •  Resolved a rare instance where saving a project might result in a Disc May Be Full error (CWBRN-4174)


Installation Instructions


Installation is as easy as downloading the appropriate update from the links below for your version of SONAR and running the installer. The on screen instructions will guide you through the rest. This update is cumulative. You can install SONAR X3e directly over the any of the following versions of SONAR X3:


  •  SONAR X3 release version (available on discs),
  •  SONAR X3a ESD version (available as a digital download)
  •  SONAR X3b
  •  SONAR X3c
  •  SONAR X3d



If you experience any issues downloading or installing the update, we recommend temporarily disabling any anti-virus software or background services that might be running, such as Windows Update, as they may interfere with the installation process.

To install this update you must be a registered SONAR X3 owner. Additionally, you can access a link to the proper update for your version by going to Help > Check for Program Updates.

Additional Installation Steps Regarding Documentation:

Both the offline and the online version of SONAR X3's documentation has been updated to include new topics pertaining to SONAR X3e as well as numerous corrections from user feedback.

We recommend clearing your browser's cache if any new topics are not displaying for you. You can also press F5 to refresh the current page you are on. The offline .chm version has been updated as well. No action is necessary for those changes. If you prefer the offline .chm version, you can set F1 to open it by default by going to Edit > Preferences > File - Advanced and selecting "Always Use Offline Help".



Download Links






DownloadDownload the SONAR X3e update for SONAR X3 Producer 

        (Approx. 631.7 MB, MD5: bca1931a4baf6edb71353272de63b7d8)

DownloadDownload the SONAR X3e update for SONAR X3 Studio 

        (Approx. 611.8 MB, MD5: 8e5cd9e36b26a8f660dfecf0dda4f79e)

DownloadDownload the SONAR X3e update for SONAR X3 

        (Approx. 591.5 MB, MD5: 194aa297f510dac3d005b0b56e394d9e)






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