SONAR 2015 Cambridge Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/7/2016
  1. Fixed clicks during looped MIDI playback with large buffer sizes when a note extended past the loop end
  2. AudioSnap edits saved in X3 were not recognized by SONAR Platinum (CWBRN-31950)
  3. Exporting audio to float formats would result in distorted audio when up or down sampling
  4. Some supported file types could not be imported successfully
  5. W64 export to with specific encoding options could result in a DirectShow error
  6. In some cases Clip FX Envelopes were inaccessible
  7. Note events would occasionally not play immediately after a tempo change when using drum maps
  8. Browser search text size has been increased
  9. Browser audition with Loop Preview disabled would behave unexpectedly
  10. Unnecessary/redundant menu items removed
  11. Mix Recall scenes did not populate when using CTRL+N to open the default project template
  12. Multiple improvements to variable bit rate MP3 encoding
  13. Custom Control Bar layout would reset after personalization, or after installing Cakewalk Sound Center
  14. Expansion packs would install to the incorrect location when installed in a particular order in relation to Rapture
  15. Boz Digital Labs Bark of Dog ProChannel module would hang under certain conditions
  16. Various documentation inaccuracies were repaired
  17. An error was shown in the About screen when the system time zone differed from Eastern Standard Time
  18. Installer would mark updated file version numbers incorrectly
  19. Installer could place multiple SONAR shortcuts in the Start menu
  20. Optimized redist package installation conditions to improve install time
  21. SONAR Platinum online help paths were incorrectly formatted
  22. Professional Installer requested a serial number when run outside of Command Center.
  23. Japanese online documentation did not display correctly
  24. CWAF tool would track .asset files unnecessarily
  25. Various Mix Recall improvements
  26. Splitting an instrument track now shows correct track names
  27. MIDI Input meters would sometimes show incorrect values
  28. Aim Assist was offset at certain PRV zoom levels
  29. Inserting FX chains into ProChannel would sometimes draw a blank strip
  30. High and Low bands on QuadCurve EQ were not working correctly
  31. ProChannel Modules are scanned first on first launch to avoid missing plugin errors in project templates
  32. Show/Hide Track state in PRV Track Pane did not persist (CWBRN-23924)
  33. Double-clicking MIDI clips in TV failed to switch between Notes and Drum panes in PRV
  34. Drum Pane was not persisting in PRV when re-opening the view
  35. Switching tracks would reset PRV Controller Pane height
  36. Vertical keyboard would collapse when PRV was maximized
  37. At some zoom levels it would be difficult to lasso select audio transients
  38. Drag & Drop area of MIDI clip to browser would include unselected leading data from source clip
  39. Fixed various crashes related to opening views in new projects
  40. Extracting FX chains on Instrument Tracks would remove plugins
  41. Drag re-order of Control Bar modules didn't work correctly on multi-monitor system
  42. FX racks were not visible in older projects where "Vertical FX Bin" was set
  43. Various inaccurate text references were repaired
  44. 32bit VST plugins where not displayed correctly when selected in the browser
  45. Improved support for VST3 plug-ins, particularly for FabFilter & Slate Digital
  46. Updated VST Channel info Improvements to support Softube Console 1
  47. Instrument tracks now display proper track names in Console 1
  48. Various VST Scan crashes addressed
  49. Splitting an instrument track now shows correct track names
  50. Media browser now shows status bar info for all supported file types and not just WAV files
  51. Media browser status bar displays the proper count of audio plugins
  52. Media browser status bar resets properly when tabs are switched
  53. Many issues addressed through updates of import/export



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