SONAR 2015 Everett Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/7/2016

ARA & Region FX

  • “Follow Project Tempo” no longer fails on certain projects containing multiple tempo changes
  • Extract MIDI from a project mapped Region FX clip now syncs properly
  • When creating a new project, the track position is now correctly updated in Melodyne
  • Melodyne plugin state was not recalled when loading projects with Melodyne used in an FX Rack
  • Resolved Melodyne crash when loading projects containing incompatible ARA document archives
  • Dim Solo caused unexpected bypass of clips that contain Region FX
  • Drag/drop to extract MIDI no longer fails when dragging a newly created Region FX clip
  • Settings are no longer lost for cloned tracks containing region FX when the project is reloaded
  • Creating Region FX clips on multiple tracks assigns the individual clip names
  • Starting playback prior to the loop start position caused ARA playback to be offset when using higher sample rates
  • Bundle files containing ARA plugins could load with corrupted audio under some conditions
  • Undo clip move or bounce could cause ARA plugin playback to go silent
  • Rewind (W) scrolls and repositions the play cursor in any ARA plugin as expected

Audio & MIDI Engine

  • Seeking later on Now Time could cause current playing note to continue playing
  • Record enable and other commands no longer cut off sustaining notes during playback
  • Resolved a crash on live MIDI input after inserting a track template that uses a drum map with a multi-out synths

Plug-ins & Instruments

  • Some Cakewalk plug-ins caused audio spikes and dropouts
  • Resolved hang caused by BitBridge when closing projects


  • Corrected a SONAR CHM help banner with an out-of-date version number
  • Updated references to the PRV snap controls Do Not Auto-Hide and Disable When All Mode Buttons Are Disabled

File Save, Open and I/O

  • Resolved a fatal error with Track Templates insert/delete/load
  • Drum Maps are now saved with Track Templates (CWBRN-6994)
  • Dragging a MIDI clip from SONAR's Track View to the Desktop now creates a file (CWBRN-32132)

Virtual Controller

  • Resolved issue where shifting octaves during playback/recording would yield unexpected results
  • Clicking on non-note MIDI events in QWERTY view no longer resets notes
  • Virtual Controller no longer opens beneath the Windows taskbar when the taskbar is at the top of the screen
  • Virtual Controller now displays correctly in high DPI settings


Playlist, PRV, Sysx and Staff Views

  • Re-added the Pin to Top button in the Playlist
  • Projects can open with Inline PRV displayed on all MIDI tracks with Edit Filters set to Clips
  • Width of keyboard/drum list in PRV saved with Screenset is now recalled after a non-active track is selected in the Track View
  • PRV specific Snap now draws correctly when view is floating
  • Continuous edit or drag to left now works as expected while zooming when Snap By is enabled in the PRV
  • Staff View Snap values would not update in certain cases (CWBRN-17277)
  • View > Staff View now updates an open Staff View with new track selection (CWBRN-32843)
  • Display Filename instead of whole path in the Sysx View
  • Tempo View now persists open tempo list when docked


  • Multidock is able to draw synths that resize (CWBRN-32867)


  • VocalSync now displays a toast notification when the default guide track set to an empty track (resolves CWBRN-32387)

3rd Party Compatibility

  • SONAR projects using Melodyne as a VST3 in a track FX Rack retain their data/transfers



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