SONAR 2015 Foxboro Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/18/2016


  • Resolved a potential crash when inserting more than one measure of time before a Melodyne clip

Console View

  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking icons in the Console View would not open icon folders

Drum Replacer

  • Added tooltips
  • Enabled scrolling while parameters are being adjusted
  • Improved click detection for enabling and disabling markers
  • Mouse pointer hides while adjusting parameters
  • Corrected an issue where filter settings may not persist in certain conditions
  • Resolved an issue where deleted markers would persist after re-opening a saved project
  • Decreased CPU usage when drawing waveforms for large clips
  • Resolved a crash when opening projects with Drum Replacer on multiple tracks
  • Resolved an issue where Drum Replacer would not render the final hits in certain cases
  • Corrected a case where lanes displayed as disabled would still output audio
  • Increased visibility of waveform preview colors
  • Corrected improperly displayed enable parameter on first lane when applied to a clip
  • Resolved an issue where cropped clips dragged to MIDI tracks created incorrect MIDI data
  • Resolved an issue where Drum Replacer’s Now Time marker could get out of sync with the host during playback when delay-compensated plugins are used
  • Resolved a case where the timing would drift while looping


  • Corrected “Create One File Per Clip” and “Clip Name” documentation
  • Updated to distinguish between copy/paste abilities in track/bus automation vs. clip automation
  • Added “Save Copy As” to documentation
  • Removed duplicate REmatrix Solo option

Import/Export and File I/O

  • Fixed crash exporting DSD files on CPU’s that do not support SSE3


  • All SONAR and content installers have been updated for Cakewalk Command Center 1.1 (coming soon) compatibility. This improves Command Center’s ability to recognize all installed content more accurately.


  • Resolved an issue where un-archiving a track caused lanes to appear inverted


  • Resolved an issue where switching to MME caused Preferences to draw blank

Event List

  • Resolved an issue where Event List failed to display note events


  • Resolved multiple issues where the FX Chain flyout panel header and FX did not update properly


  • Resolved an issue where PRV would display superfluous CC data for unselected tracks
  • Resolved an issue where controllers could not be edited after switching tracks in PRV

Staff View

  • Resolved an issue where extra notes were added to MIDI data when lyrics were entered in Staff View

VST/3rd Party Compatibility

  • Resolved audio dropout issues with Music Lab Real LPC
  • Resolved a crash when plugins were moved between FX Racks during playback
  • Resolved an issue where SONAR (64-bit) would hang when saving with Autotune 7
  • Resolved an issue where BitBridge and SONAR processes would hang when closing SONAR
  • Resolved an issue where BitBridge would hang when 32-bit plugins with iLok were scanned or inserted


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