SONAR 2015 Gloucester Update Notes

Last updated on 3/18/2016

This article was adapted from the SONAR Gloucester Update PDF.

Windows 10 is here, and SONAR is ready. In addition to including our usual bug fixes and enhancements, the big story this month is that you can use SONAR today with Windows 10—you don’t have to wait for “the next big update” (and until then, wonder if SONAR will work properly with the latest Windows operating system). The early reviews on Windows 10 are definitely positive, and it seems that Microsoft has taken feedback about Windows 8 to heart. Even more importantly, Microsoft is paying serious attention to audio capabilities. In this special issue of our monthly eZine, find out what’s up with Windows 10—and if you’re ready to upgrade your OS, SONAR is ready too. – Bill Jackson and the Cakewalk Team

The SONAR Gloucester update includes the following:

  1. Windows 10 Support
  2. SONAR Performance Benchmarks
  3. Project Template Enhancements
  4. Fixes and Workflow Enhancements


How to Download Gloucester

Open the Cakewalk Command Center, then download the core SONAR Artist, Professional or Platinum category. Platinum users will also see an update for the Cakewalk Drum Replacer. Please note that Command Center 1.1 was introduced during July; please update to the latest version if you haven’t already done so.



Windows 10 Support

Artist, Professional, Platinum

By Noel Borthwick, Cakewalk Chief Technical Officer

Read the full story on the Cakewalk blog.



SONAR Performance Benchmarks with Windows 10

Artist, Professional, Platinum

By Dean Capper, Cakewalk Product Support Manager

Available on the Cakewalk blog.



Project Template Enhancements

Artist, Professional, Platinum

SONAR now handles project templates and creating new projects with much more flexibility— which gets you making music faster.

New Project File


Any Template Can be Your Default Template

It’s no longer necessary to save a special normal.cwt template. When you choose File > New to open the New Project dialog box, you can click on any project template, then click on Set as Default Template. This places an asterisk next to the template to remind you which is the currently chosen template.

Start Projects Without Having to Name Them

You no longer need to name a new project before proceeding. If you don’t provide a name, project audio data storage defaults to the global audio folder. When you later save the project, you can specify a different audio folder in the Save As dialog box.

If you provide a project name, although the Location and Audio Path fields will populate automatically with recommended paths based on the project name, you can change the paths as desired.

Specify Project Settings Upon Creation

When you start a new project from a template, you can specify the project’s Sample Rate, Bit Depth, Tempo, and Meter. You no longer need to change these after starting the project.



Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Artist, Professional, Platinum

The Gloucester fixes and workflow enhancements are available in their own knowledge base article.


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