SONAR 2015 Hopkinton Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/18/2016

Control Surfaces / ACT

  • Fixed an issue where input echo would not work correctly when using ACT


  • Sonar Demo will now no longer prompt to save a project

Drum Replacer

  • The Drum Replacer now opens the correct help topic

Lanes / Comping

  • Fixed an issue where adding fades could cause waveforms not to draw correctly on Groove clips

Track View - Strips & Clips

  • Unmuting a clip with the Mute tool always displays mute states of clips correctly
  • Fixed an issue where waveforms would draw as if faded while extending groove clips
  • Waveforms always draw correctly under crossfades when zoomed in
  • Shift-clicking a track number in the Track View immediately draws the selection range
  • Tracks remain selectable if track strip icons are disabled
  • Groove clip waveforms will correctly display over tempo changes (CWBRN-7012)



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