SONAR 2015 Ipswich Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/18/2016


  • Resolved a case where user-added transient markers in Audio Snap could cause cause other markers to stop drawing (CWBRN-34032)
  • Fixed an issue where Audio Snap was generating superfluous user transients with low level audio material


  • Fixed an issue where track icons could become distorted when opening projects
  • Project bitmaps display completely when a project is spread across two screens

Lanes / Comping

  • Fixed an issue where undoing overlapping clips could leave empty lanes (CWBRN-23897)

Audio / MIDI Engine

  • Resolved a crash using a CAL script to split notes to tracks

Track View - Strips & Clips

  • Track folders remain where they were inserted, they no longer move to the bottom of the Track View when a track was added
  • Fixed an issue where step sequencer clips could be blank on tracks that output to Drum Maps (CWBRN-5787, CWBRN-7248)
  • Resolved a case where shift-clicking wouldn't always extend a selection in the Track view
  • Fixed an issue where selected clips could disappear when cropping using auto crossfade
  • The Zoom Tool now always reverts back to the Smart Tool when press-holding then releasing the “Z” key

Lanes / Comping

  • Fixed an issue where adjacent punch recording could unexpectedly create a new lane (CWBRN-23909)
  • Resolved a case where dragging audio clips from the Browser could create an additional Take Lane (CWBRN-24452)

Staff View

  • Improved dotted note drawing in the staff view


  • The Piano Roll View keyboard remains aligned to the note pane when opening it after zooming

Control Bar

  • Fixed an issue where press-hold hotkeys for tools were not working as expected

Other Views - LCV / Lyric / Marker / Meter etc.

  • The "Allow only one project at a time" Preference setting no longer causes the Start Screen to open unexpectedly
  • Fixed issue where some European, Japanese and Chinese characters were not displayed correctly on the Start Screen

Preferences / KeyBindings / Colors

  • Clicking on an empty colors box in Preferences > Colors no longer displays “Parameter is incorrect” errors



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