SONAR 2015 Jamaica Plain Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/18/2016


  • Resolved a case where linked Melodyne clips could render as silence

Audio / MIDI Engine

  • Fixed an issue where launching projects from the desktop was not enabling the audio engine
  • Resolved a case where recording mono inputs from multi-out synths could result in stretched recordings


  • Enabled drag and drop to the Browser if a folder is created in Windows while SONAR is open
  • Added support for .png files to the Browser


  • Track Pane updates MIDI inputs as expected when using Quick Groups

Import / Export & File I/O

  • Fixed an issue where export to DSD could crash on AMD systems
  • Shortened loading times of certain files and templates

Lanes / Comping

  • Resolved a case where pasting a composite clip to a new track could cause a hang


  • Fixed an issue where templates that include audio files were not including the audio in new projects

Other Views – LCV / Lyric / Marker / Meter etc.

  • Fixed an issue where focus would switch to the Track view from Event list when using the “Kind of Event” dialog.
  • The Event List now consistently displays columns with 25 characters or more
  • Fixed issues where the Start Screen was not displaying some characters correctly, causing projects not to open on Windows 7 OS
  • Resolved a potential crash when deleting a REX loop while it is playing in Loop Construction view

Plug-ins & Synths

  • Improved playback and rendering quality in projects with multiple LP-64 plug-ins
  • Resolved a case the VX-64 Vocal Strip (from the Boutique Suite) could cause audio output issues in projects
  • Fixed an issue where Channel Tools (from the Engineering Suite) could cause audio output problems


  • Corrected reversed shelf EQ graphics
  • Resolved a case where 3rd party ProChannel plug-ins would not display correctly when tracks were cloned (CWBRN-31281)


  • Corrected inconsistencies between Fit MIDI Content in PRV and inline PRV (CWBRN-24984)
  • The PRV no longer opens with the drum pane exposed during the first launch after installation
  • Fixed issues where the Delete key and the Right-click Smart Tool delete were not working in PRV Drum pane view

Staff View

  • Fixed snapping issues with Staff View when adding notes of certain durations in certain beat positions

Start Screen

  • Shortened the Start Screen's loading time
  • Fixed an issue where opening projects without saving was not populating the Start Screen correctly.
  • Optimized Start Screen behaviors when accessing menus
  • Added functionality where the Default Template moves to the top of the list in Start Screen

Track View – Strips & Clips

  • Fixed an issue where dragging clips with a large snap offset could draw the waveform incorrectly
  • Sends on instrument tracks now respect Follow Track Pan
  • Fixed issue where MIDI confidence recording preview would not display under certain conditions
  • Improved Freeze handling on multiple tracks that each contain instances of the Drum Replacer


  • Fixed issue where track and folder names were not renamed correctly with synth replace
  • Fixed issue where SONAR font sizes would shrink when adding TruePianos VSTi (CWBRN-34533)
  • Resolved cases where clicking on certain controls would unnecessarily dirty documents
  • Control Bar Performance Module now updates immediately when toggling the Multiprocessing Engine on or off


  • Improved support for dynamic authorization of VST2 shell plug-ins (e.g. Waves) and VST3 plug-ins flagged as kClassDiscardable
  • Resolved an issue with scanning Eiosis plug-ins

Zoom & Scroll

  • Resolved a case where the Now Time might not adjust on the time line when clicked more than once.
  • Added compatibility with horizontal mouse scrolling with supported mouse hardware



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