SONAR 2015 Kingston Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/18/2016


  • Drum Replacer would have inconsistent volumes during playback under certain scenarios

Audio / MIDI Engine

  • Audition of MIDI FX did not always work
  • MIDI cross talk could occur on an un-armed and focused MIDI track during loop recording
  • MIDI input ports could unexpectedly re-route when devices are added
  • Audio engine dropouts could occur under certain conditions
  • Normalize and Gain would not work when applied to audio clip under certain conditions
  • Loop recording with Patch Points could cause sync issues with delay-compensated plug-ins
  • Playing through a tempo change in a project could cause DXi input echo to become delayed
  • Some step sequencer clips could cause Sonar to stop or hang during playback
  • Multi-out synths combined with allow arm changes led to performance problems
  • Allow arm changes was not functioning for audio 
  • Recording MIDI data could crash with automation write enabled
  • Arpeggiator presets buttons would stop working after selecting other tracks


  • Media Browser would stop previewing after 60 seconds

Import / Export & File I/O

  • Sends were not feeding side chain plugins when first launching projects
  • Insert problems could occur with Track and Template insert; inserting multiple tracks should now be much faster
  • SONAR could hang when bouncing or exporting using real-time rendering
  • Audio export could cause crash when some hardware outs were muted


  • Sample entry in the Snap to Grid module would not work initially
  • "Dock in multidock" keyboard shortcut didn’t always work
  • Projects at idle were consuming CPU threads

Other Views – LCV / Lyric / Marker / Meter etc.

  • Scrolling didn’t always work as expected when editing events in Event List view
  • Painting problems could occur when scrolling in Console View
  • Playing projects in Playlists had delays

Plug-ins & Synths

  • Synth input recording was not working properly with allow arm changes enabled
  • Delay compensated plug-ins could cause timing issues with MIDI playback
  • Inserting Metric Halo plug-ins in FX bin could cause problems
  • In some cases deleting synths from a synth rack could cause a crash


  • ProChannel EQ interface had inconsistencies
  • ProChannel modules would not load correctly from a cloned track
  • Drag ordering in the ProChannel FX chain could have unpredictable results
  • Redo of Style Dial insert would draw the wrong GUI


  • Drag copy (CTRL+drag) would not include controllers in the PRV when Select Controllers Along with Notes was enabled
  • PRV Draw tool could behave unexpectedly with snap set to measure
  • Bouncing MIDI clips would cause Controller data not to display in PRV
  • PRV Lasso select could unexpectedly select both Piano roll notes and drum pane notes
  • The draw tool would not draw over CC lines in the Piano Roll View
  • Controller lanes would not update in PRV when switching between MIDI clips

Staff View

  • Accessing properties dialog (right click) on notes would not work correctly in Staff View

Start Screen

  • Long project name display issue with Start Screen

Track View – Strips & Clips

  • Waveforms were not displaying with Playback Timing Master set to None
  • Shift lasso was not extending selection in track view
  • Edit select functions were not actually selecting clips under common conditions
  • Cropped clips would not draw correctly when dragged in the Track view
  • Clip waveform was not drawing correctly with tempo changes
  • Drag select would fail if hidden tracks were present in the project
  • Under some conditions drag selecting a clip could crash SONAR
  • Selecting tracks could fail in Track View if the view was scrolled
  • Nudging clips could cause clips to disappear


  • German translation needed fixes
  • MIDI plug-in presets were not displaying in MIDI FX


  • VST Time info was reporting incorrect values for the nanoseconds field
  • VST3 plugins were not processing mono interleave correctly
  • Some VST3s (example: AIR Loom) had a significant input echo delay
  • Some VST3 plug-ins when panned could cause silent audio output
  • Multi-channel audio output was not working correctly with Vienna Pro VST3
  • SSL Nuendo VST3 plug-ins were not processing audio 
  • Recurring scanning of certain plug-ins (i.e., iZotope RX and Ozone VSTs)


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