SONAR 2015 Lexington Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/18/2016

Audio / MIDI Engine

  • Resolved a crash when undoing an import of multichannel wave files

Control Surface / ACT

  • Control surface settings now persist when the available MIDI ports change

Matrix View

  • Fixed an issue where recording would fail when the Matrix was set to Follow Transport

Other Views – LCV / Lyric / Marker / Meter etc.

  • Event list display of Wheel information is now left justified


  • Fixed an issue where MIDI CC info could disappear under certain circumstances
  • Drag Drop/Drag Copy of MIDI CC event Smart Tool keyboard shortcuts are now consistent with Move Tool shortcuts (CWBRN-40014)

Snap / SmartSnap

  • Enabling a musical snap value via keybinding now engages Snap if it is off
  • Resolved a case where MBT Pool Lines would not immediately follow snap resolution changes
  • Punch in range now honors Snap resolution

Staff View

  • Fixed an issue where CTRL+dragging notes in the Staff View could cause a crash

Start Screen

  • Fixed an issue where pinning projects with certain characters would cause the start screen to draw blank
  • Notifications now always open in the default web browser

Track View - Strips & Clips

  • Resolved an issue where Split at Sample might not split the very first time (CWBRN-9545)


  • Added support for VST2 to VST3 plug-in migration for instruments



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