SONAR 2016 Manchester Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The SONAR 2016 Manchester update fixed issues where:

  • The EQ plot would occasionally not update properly when moving within the project using markers or hot keys
  • The collapsed Event Inspector would not display event data
  • Multiple MIDI input ports would re-order at project open; they no longer scramble when devices are added or removed (CWBRN-30159)
  • Dragging multiple MIDI clips with envelopes was not working properly
  • Bounced clips reset the Time Base to “Musical”' when the original clips were set to Absolute
  • Single-note selection was not working properly in the Piano Roll View
  • Left-click with the Select Tool in the PRV did not select a note
  • Bouncing MIDI clip with arpeggiation didn’t render automation 
  • Arpeggiator automation was not rendered when bouncing MIDI clips
  • Selections in project were resetting when a track was added (CWBRN-40261)
  • Audio engine stability had issues with certain FX Chains and 64-bit Double Precision operation
  • Saving a project with FX Chain or Style Dial off, then moving a knob, caused the mouse pointer to disappear
  • Automation controls were not working properly when used with a control surface or via MIDI learn
  • The name entered when starting a blank project wasn’t used
  • Retrograde didn’t affect multiple clips correctly on the same track 
  • Undoing after import of multichannel audio files could cause crashes
  • Crashes could occur when recording multiple MIDI takes on take lanes (CWBRN-43247)



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