SONAR 2016 Manchester Update 1

Last updated on 3/18/2016

This update includes the following improvements to the SONAR Manchester Update:

  • Resolved an issue with automation snapshots where envelopes for all available parameters where unintentionally created
  • Improved handling of offline activation - users who have renewed their SONAR membership and have used the Offline Activation process to activate SONAR may see a different Membership End Date listed in SONAR's About Screen versus their account Membership Details page. This may cause updates newer than SONAR's date to revert to demo mode. This can now be easily resolved by going through the Offline Activation process again and re-syncing Membership End Dates. More information on Offline Activation can be found here.

This update also includes the previous Fixes and Enhancements from the SONAR 2016 Manchester Update.



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