Rapture 1.2 Update

Last updated on 3/31/2016

Issues Resolved in Rapture 1.2

  • VST version now works in some hosts that do not support VST 2.4
  • x64 VST version now patches correctly
  • Envelope Generator nodes could go negative
  • Authorization issues under Windows Vista when not run as administrator
  • 'Use Single Mode' now works in Windows Vista without having to run as administrator
  • In some cases an exception error that would occur when opening the editor in Project5 version 2.5 has been corrected
  • An exception would occur if the buffer size was larger than 4096 samples in DXi hosts
  • DXi automation performance issues
  • Band Pass Filter issues
  • Program fix: 'RGC Brass Bands'

New Features in Rapture 1.2

  • Envelope Generators can now be retriggered from the Step Generator
  • Internal Tempo with Tap - Rapture can now sync to its own internal tempo
  • You can now save and load presets in the Envelope Generator and Step Generator sections
  • Envelope Generator now autoscrolls when entering nodes
  • Knob Focus Indicator - the currently selected knob will now have edging around it
  • Built-in DC Offset blocker to remove unwanted DC Offset distortion
  • Up/Down selectors now have direct text entry by double-clicking on them
  • New alternate 'Zoom On View' mode in the Envelope Generator
  • Vista x64 improvements - the installer now allows you to choose to install either the 32 or 64-bit versions of Rapture on Windows Vista x64

After installing the update, please review the ReadMe file for more information. This update includes the 32 and 64-bit versions or Rapture 1.2 for all supported operating systems.

Registered Rapture customers can access this installer in their Cakewalk SSO account. If you have not yet registered your product you can register online now.


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