SONAR 2016.06 Update Fixes and Enhancements

Last updated on 8/3/2016

This article was adapted from the SONAR 2016.06 Update PDF.

The SONAR 2016.06 update includes the following:

  1. Smart Swipe
  2. TH3 Changes
  3. Themes Fixes
  4. Fixes and Enhancements

How to Download the SONAR 2016.06 Update

Open the Cakewalk Command Center. If you don’t have the latest installer, the Command Center will prompt you to download and install it. Cakewalk highly recommends that you do this. (Also remember that you can always download the latest version from the Cakewalk Command Center page.)

To download the SONAR 2016.06 core update, download from the core SONAR Artist, Professional, or Platinum category. Platinum users should also download the Boutique Suite to install TH3 Cakewalk Edition (for Artist and Professional, TH3 Cakewalk Edition is included in the core program installer).

Smart Swipe

Artist, Professional, Platinum


Here’s another workflow enhancement that becomes downright addictive once you start using it. With Smart Swipe Track Controls, you can quickly enable/disable buttons on multiple tracks by clicking a button in one track, then dragging across adjacent tracks without releasing the mouse button. Smart Swipe is also an extremely effective complement to Quick Grouping.

Smart Swipe works in the Track and Console Views with mouse gestures. The following controls support Smart Swipe:

  • Mute
  • Solo
  • Record
  • Input Echo
  • Send knobs within individual track strip (Console View only)
  • Phase (Console View only)
  • Interleave
  • Archive (Track View only)
  • Automation Read
  • Automation Write
  • FX Bin Enable
  • ProChannel Enable (Console View only)
  • ProChannel Pre/Post (Console View only)
  • Waveform Preview (Track View only)

TH3 Changes

Artist, Professional, Platinum

With physical amps, you change tubes. With virtual amps, you get updates! This month Overloud has updated TH3 with some major improvements.

TH3 Changes SONAR 2016.06

The plug-in now loads four times faster than before, the Overview panel from TH2 is back for faster navigation, and MIDI Learn has been overhauled so that it now works as expected. Furthermore, TH3 now displays the correct VST3 category "Guitar" (this may require a reset and re-scan in Edit > Preferences > File > VST Settings), and the full version re-introduces the Cabinet IR functionality included in previous SONAR versions of TH2. It’s all part of Overloud’s ongoing goal to provide you with a musical, flexible amp/pedal emulation that fits your projects like a glove.

Themes Fixes

Artist, Professional, Platinum

You’ve made it clear: You really like the new Tungsten theme. We’ve been using it a lot and apparently you have too, because there have been several suggestions for tweaks that would improve the interface even further. So, we’ve made several tweaks to create a more unified “Tungsten” experience. The following are now more “Tungstenated” (or is that “Tungstenified”?):

  • Track View and Console View/Inspector text colors are consistent and more visible

  •  The Pro Channel FX Chain user interface is now themed properly

  • The Track Strip and Console View channel drop indicator (indicates drop location when doing a drag and drop with tracks or channels) is an easier- to-see orange color

  • The video pane user interface has been updated

  • Mute/Solo/Arm buttons are now handled consistently in the Track View, Inspector, and Console View when Archived
  • Navigator Track scroll buttons convert properly to the new theme, and the background has been tweaked
  • The Step Sequencer reflects the new Tungsten color scheme ? Track View meter label and tick mark colors have been improved
  • Piano Roll View Track Pane Text/Focus now reflect the theme correctly
  • No more drawing of artifacts at the bottom of the ProChannel
  • Console View splitter bars are easier to distinguish
  • QuadCurve EQ flyout is now themed properly
  • Corners of default track icons are no longer black ? Track View and Console View menu borders are more visible
  • And there are other polishes, such as improved contrast where appropriate


Fixes & Enhancements

Fixed SONAR issues where: 

  • ProChannel FX Chain UI not themed properly
  • Flyout EQ Frequency values for Low/High pass Filters need color adjustment
  • Mute/Solo Buttons are slow/odd to respond to quick mouse clicks
  • Smart Swiping both Mute and Automated Mute controls, enables or disables both.
  • Broken documentation link for MIDI Device Failure dialog box Help button
  • Crash when deleting Take Lane
  • Now time placement does not follow snap settings (or Aim Assist) in automation lanes
  • Bounce to track settings not persisting
  • Drawing artifacts when moving Console View separator
  • Some menu items are unreadable on some systems customized in X3.
  • Unable to move WAI in console view
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