I hate subscriptions!

Last updated on 10/28/2017

This is a common objection, but before you completely write us off and flame us on Twitter, please consider what we're offering.

To automatically sync your music on any device you own, Momentum relies on a cloud service. All cloud services have fixed storage and bandwidth costs, which is why they all tend to use subscription pricing.

We understand that you still don't like it, and we hear you, and so we want to make our pricing as fair and friendly as friendly as we can. So, here's how this works:

  • If you pay monthly, you are not locked into a long term commitment. Your monthly subscription auto-renews, but you can cancel at any time. And you can also rejoin again at any time.
  • You will always have access to your audio recordings, even if you stop paying. When you stop paying, Momentum will revert back to the limitations of the Free Plan, and will only sync 3 Ideas with the cloud. You will continue to have access to all the audio that is local on your device before you stopped paying. (So, you may want to sync all of your Ideas before you stop paying!)

Here's an example:

You sign up for the $2.99/month Basic Plan. During the first month you record 100 ideas, and sync on all of your devices. Then life happens, or you change up your studio, or you weren't totally sold on the product--whatever the reason, you can just stop paying. You still have all the audio you created, and you've certainly gotten your money's worth at $2.99.

Then, time goes by and you start to miss Momentum, and Momentum misses you too, and so you want to sign up again. No problem, we'd love to have you back, and as long as you use the same account you created, you can just pick up right where you left off.

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