Mixing and Mastering

Designed from the ground up to be used for both mixing and mastering the L-Phase plug-ins allow for mastering level sound quality with internal 64-bit double precision and additionally offer zero-latency non-linear mode for mixing at sample rates up to 192 kHz.

Precision Display
and Monitoring

The L-Phase series feature a powerful interface with a detailed display. 3 different range scales, a configurable spectrum analyzer, and output metering in 16dB, 32dB, 48dB, and 60dB. Both plug-ins feature Stereo and Mid/Side processing and A/B comparison switching. Additionally the L-Phase Multiband features per band input and make-up gain metering built-in to the threshold and output controls.

Additional Features

preset animation


Equipped with professionally crafted presets and the ability to Save, Edit and Organize your own in an intuitive preset manager.

expert animation
expert mode

Expert Mode

This is where you go under the hood and configure the L-Phase series for whatever you throw at it. Mastering or Mixing & setting the spectrum analyzer to taste, and more.

solo animatino
solo mode

Solo Mode

Solo mode allows for hearing the signal of any independent band. Once in this mode you can click any node to hear its independent frequency band for fine tuning.

L-Phase Equalizer

The L-Phase Equalizer features 20 color-coded bands, five filter types, and automatically picks the most common filter or EQ curve based on the frequency where the band is created.

L-Phase Multiband

The L-Phase Multiband features 6 color-coded bands, external sidechain support with audition, Auto Release to minimize pumping, and intelligently sets the attack time based on where the band is created.

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Get the best of both worlds - mastering grade L-Phase Equalizer and L-Phase Multiband compressor for only $129.99.

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