SONAR 2016.03 Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 4/13/2016

Fixed issues where:

  • Frame advancement from arrow keys would stick after changing project tempo
  • Recording with Auto Punch's “Mute Previous Takes” option interfered with comping
  • Mouse wheel didn’t work properly on Track Inspector Key+ field
  • Process Audio was not splitting out Clip at selection
  • Process Audio caused drawing issues when zooming
  • Fit Content in Track View was using only the upper half of MIDI track height
  • System font size could cause MIDI FX controls to work improperly
  • Insert measures command could cause time signature changes to move unexpectedly
  • Track Templates didn’t preserve Aux Track/Patch Point assignments when loaded as the first operation in a blank project
  • Render bit depth changes were not applied when bouncing to Track
  • Bounce to clip with global Solo enabled was not rendering audio, causing silent clips
  • Apply Region Tempo menu item was not working from the Clip menu
  • Uninstalling the current SONAR demo could cause X3 to crash on export


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