SONAR 2016.07 Update Fixes and Enhancements

Last updated on 8/23/2016

The SONAR 2016.07 update includes the following:

  1. SONAR Theme Editor
  2. Russian Language Support
  3. LP EQ/MB Update 1.0.2
  4. Smart Swipe Additions
  5. Fixes and Enhancements


SONAR Theme Editor 


SONAR Theme Editor allows you to easily customize the look of SONAR by editing existing UI themes or creating your own UI themes. You can change colors directly and you can even customize images when used in combination with an external image editor such as Adobe Photoshop.

“The Tungsten theme is something that we are very proud of and we are even more proud of the tool that made it and are excited to see what our users will do with it next.”

Lance Riley

Product Manager

Russian Language Now available in C3 and SONAR

Platinum, Professional, Artist


  • Command Center now supports localized installations on Russian operating systems.
  • Command Center now lets users explicitly select Russian as a language option on non-Russian OSs.

LP EQ/MB update version 1.0.2

Platinum, Professional

New Features:

  • LP MB: Now features sidechaining
  • LP MB: Non-linear mode now features phase compensated crossover


  • LP EQ/MB: Display mono meters on both Left & Right
  • LP MB: Selecting bands in Solo Mode now fades from one band to the other
  • LP MB: Holding [Alt] + Drag vertically displays gain value in plot
  • LP MB: Separating bands makes enough room for another band.
  • LP MB: Range setting goes to 30 dB instead of 29.9 dB.
  • LP EQ: Freq. display shows same value as knob (previously off by 1 or 2 Hz)

Fixes to LP EQ/MB:

  • LP EQ/MB: UI contrast between text and background is improved for better readability.
  • LP EQ/MB: Preset name now persists when loading 2 presets in both A & B

Smart Swipe Additions

Platinum, Professional, Artist

New Features:

Smart Swipe now disables on returning to the original strip control for simpler & more intuitive swiping

Horizontal drag of Sends in the Console view is now possible using Smart Swipe

New Views now support Smart Swipe:

  • Piano Roll
  • Staff
  • Step Sequencer

Fixes to Smart Swipe:

  • Mouse cursor changes after Smart Swiping the “Bypass” control on FX Bins
  • Smart Swipe now handles swiping across track folders properly
  • Smart Swipe now works with grouped controls
  • Smart Swipe of Mains controls in the Console View now works properly
  • Hidden Tracks are now handled properly by Smart Swipe

Other Misc Fixes and Enhancements

  • Resolved a long delay for Global Un-Solo when working with larger projects
  • Improved error handling with track references when loading a project
  • Fixed an issue where adjusting a crossfade on multiple tracks caused improper result
  • The Add Track “Record Enable” option for “MIDI Only” track now enables record properly
  • Resolved an issue where some VST3 plugin would not resize properly (HALion 5)
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