SONAR 2016.12 Update: Fixes and Enhancements

Last updated on 12/20/2016

Cakewalk’s 2016.12 release for SONAR Platinum, Professional, and Artist brings fixes and enhancements to some key elements of SONAR: Lenses, Skylight, ProChannel, Melodyne, and much more have all been improved in this month’s rolling update.


  • The Browser’s Notes tab now has a Copyright field. This was previously available in the Project info screen, and is now available again in the Notes tab.
  • Loading an image from the Browser’s Notes tab now remembers its last folder location
  • Notes section of the Notes Tab is now scrollable without being in edit mode
  • Freeze buttons stay in sync between synth rack and tracks
  • User and Factory Lenses are separated in the menu
  • Toast notifications no longer stack when changing Lenses in the same session


  • Lenses now restore the correct MultiDock position
  • Lenses menu commands now display info in the Help Module
  • Multiple custom Track View Control Manager presets were being saved in a Lens
  • The Save button in Lens Manager could be grayed out when a Lens had been modified
  • Under certain conditions, spaces between words in Lens drop-down items were omitted
  • Disabling Surround from a Lens now removes the Add Surround Bus from the Console View menu
  • Canceling in the Lens Manager no longer saves a Lens in some conditions


  • Fixed a crash when unplugging a USB audio device while in WASAPI Exclusive mode
  • Recording now works properly after running the Wave Profiler in WASAPI Exclusive mode

Skylight and Synth Rack Docking

  • Corrected a graphical issue between Inspector and Track View after undocking the Synth Rack
  • Disable floating on the Synth Rack could result in a crash
  • Synth Rack menu icon no longer disappears once you undock from the Browser
  • The keyboard shortcut for showing/hiding the Synth Rack now works properly when the view is in the MultiDock
  • Synth Rack would not display correctly after reopening a project in some conditions
  • Docked Synth Rack height is now restored with a saved Lens

Melodyne and Region FX

  • Removing a Region FX could result in a crash
  • Resolved multiple instabilities when dragging Melodyne clips in a project


  • Control Bar modules now display correctly when justified and the last module is collapsed
  • Fixed an intermittent crash with Ctrl+Dragging step sequencer clips
  • 32-bit Boost 11 is now categorized in the Plugin Database on 32-bit SONAR installs
  • Clicking the body of a Bus in the Track View now highlights the bus name
  • Resolved a possible crash when Shift+Dragging clips among Take Lanes
  • Reordering an instrument track via the header icon now works as expected
  • Fixed a possible crash, and improved stability, when removing ProChannel modules
  • In the Staff View, note heads no longer disappear when using the Select tool
  • Fixed cases where a group delete/add ProChannel module would not work
  • Inserting a Track Template no longer creates an extra MIDI track
  • Fixed a crash in ASIO Mode using Clip FX and Live Bounce
  • Dragging a clip to a different lane of another track did not work in certain situations
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