Engineering FX Suite 1.0.5 & Adaptive Limiter Update

Last updated on 7/19/2017

A new update to the Adaptive Limiter is available for SONAR Professional and SONAR Platinum owners. This update is distributed to customers with active memberships through the Engineering FX Suite 1.0.5 installer available in Cakewalk Command Center and your My Account downloads page.

This update resolves the following issues

  • Audio exported through Adaptive Limiter no longer has an unexpected a fade-in
  • Adaptive Limiter tooltips are now localized in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Russian
  • Adaptive Limiter Help no longer fails to launch on Spanish, Italian and Russian systems and opens English help as designed for these systems
  • The Adaptive Limiter "Help file does not exist" warning is now localized in in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Russian

The following enhancements are also available

  • Right-clicking on the Ceiling or Threshold control will temporarily link both controls together when they are moved
  • Performance optimizations in the gain envelope smoothing DSP
  • Performance optimizations in the I/O metering and wave display

Additional notes

Some users have reported experiencing a 'ring-modulator' type sound when adding the Adaptive Limiter or some other 3rd Party VST3 plug-ins to a project in SONAR. This fix for this issue will be in SONAR itself and should be available in the upcoming SONAR 2017.07 release.  In the meantime users can workaround the issue by unchecking the 64-bit Double Precision Engine setting in SONAR under Edit > Preferences > Driver Settings

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