SONAR 2017.09 Update: Fixes and Enhancements

Last updated on 10/26/2017

 The SONAR 2017.09 update includes the following:

How to Download the SONAR 2017.09 Update

  1. Open Cakewalk Command Center. If you don’t have the latest installer, Command Center will prompt you to download and install it. Cakewalk highly recommends that you do this. (Also remember that you can always download the latest version from the Cakewalk Command Center page.)
  2. Update SONAR Core by selecting SONAR Platinum/Professional/Artist, then clicking Install.

Microsoft Surface Dial Integration

Platinum, Professional, and Artist

Dial Support

Microsoft has released a new device for interacting with Windows 10 and its Apps. They call it the Surface Dial! It is a part of a new class of “Wheel” devices that are automatically configured for simple setup and powerful functionality. We are happy to announce that you can now use the new Surface Dial with SONAR along with any other Wheel device for Windows 10. All you need is a computer with Bluetooth support and you are ready. It features a built-in Smart Grid based Transport, Precision handling of controls in SONAR, and Project Zooming. It can also be configured by the user for a specific app to have custom functionality from the Windows Wheel settings. The device can be used on the table as well as on the screen with supported devices such as Surface 5 & Surface Studio. Besides having dedicated functionality, the Surface Dial also has custom hapic feedback configured specially for SONAR.

Duplicate Track Button

Platinum, Professional, and Artist

Duplicate Track Button

Duplicating a track is a widely used technique for mixing to create thick vocals when you add compression and chorus to the double. It is also very handy during recording when you are creating different parts using the same instrument or audio setup. In SONAR 2017.09 update we have added a dedicated button for this in the Track view to make it even faster. So you can focus on the music you are making instead of how you are getting there. To set how you want the button to behave you can right-click on the Duplicate button and pick the settings you prefer.

30th Anniversary Drum Replacer Kicks

Platinum, Professional, and Artist

Drum Replacer Kicks

Cakewalk’s 30th Anniversary continues with more freebies! These 30 killer kick drums are designed for use in Drum Replacer or Session Drummer 3 as well as Rapture Pro. They include 15 kick drums for EDM and 15 more for hip-hop.

Visit our 30th Anniversary page to download


Platinum, Professional, and Artist

This month's issue covers the latest SONAR 2017.09 update, a review on the Kandiland EDM construction kit library from Big Fish Audio, creating Rapture Pro programs for MIDI guitar, a history on the 30th Anniversary Kick Pack, and expert mastering advice in this month’s feature of You Mix, We Master.

Read this month's Tech+Music here

Fixes and Enhancements

Platinum, Professional, and Artist

Duplicate (Clone) Track

  • All references to Clone Track have now been changed to Duplicate Track
  • Duplicated simple instrument tracks will now create a new instance of the synth
  • Duplicating Split Instrument Tracks is now possible! When you have the MIDI track and Audio track of a split pair both selected, clicking the Duplicate button will now create a new pair connected to a new synth instance. Duplicating a single MIDI or Audio track will continue to route to the same connected synth
  • Duplicated tracks with plug-ins set to use tempo sync now works as expected
  • Duplicating instrument tracks previously caused issues in projects with folders
  • Duplicated tracks with lanes did not indicate lanes until expanded
  • Duplicated tracks previously did not match the original tracks height
  • ProChannel enable Post FX Rack button is now copied when duplicating a track
  • Track gain is now copied when duplicating a track
  • Duplicating a track within a folder could create a new track outside of the folder
  • Duplicated tracks now respect the “Follow Track Pan setting
  • Duplicated Track now remember if the inline Piano Roll is selected
  • Duplicated tracks previously did not set the Read Automation button state correctly

Start Screen

  • Clicking the Discover tab banner previously opened the Start Screen in a browser
  • Text for “Demo Projects” in the Start Screen is no longer cut off in some languages


  • Using touch to navigate, it was possible to move the timeline before measure 1
  • Tap to set NowTime in the Track view now works properly with Touch


  • Track Control Manager previously listed Sends as AUX
  • The Open File dialog did not display some Cakewalk file types when set to “All Cakewalk” Projects, Templates, and Bundles will now all display with this selected
  • VST2 plug-ins without GUIs can now be scanned and loaded in SONAR
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