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Arranging and editingArranging clips ► Reverting clip(s) to original time stamp

All audio and MIDI clips in Cakewalk have a Original Time property, which stores the original SMPTE time stamp associated with a clip. The Original Time clip property is based on absolute time, not tempo. This allows you to freely re-arrange clips and later revert them back to their original time.
Cakewalk automatically assigns the Original Time property during import or immediately after record. When an audio clip containing a SMPTE time stamp is imported into Cakewalk (such as a Broadcast Wave file), the Original Time field is populated with this time stamp. When opening previous Cakewalk projects, existing clips will be populated with their current time.
Note: The Original Time property can not be edited. If a clip is bounced to a new clip, the Original Time stamp will not propagate to the new clip.
A. Original Time property; click to revert clip to the original time stamp
Right-click a clip and choose Revert Clip(s) to Original Time Stamp from the context menu.
In the Clip Properties Inspector, select the Properties section, click the Original Time field and choose Revert to original time stamp on the pop-up menu.
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