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Using Region FX ► ARA Audio Random Access

ARA (Audio Random Access) is an extension of the VST plug-in interface, which allows ARA-compatible VST plug-ins to be closely integrated in host programs like Cakewalk.
Cakewalk includes a 30-day trial version of Celemony Melodyne (see Melodyne), which is ARA-compatible. You can apply Melodyne to any selected audio region in Cakewalk, and use the Melodyne Editor directly in Cakewalk’s MultiDock view. Melodyne essentially functions as an integrated feature in Cakewalk.
Select an audio region or clip you wish to process with an ARA plug-in. To select a region on the timeline, use the Smart tool or Select tool and drag across the bottom part of the clip(s). To select an entire clip, simply click the clip. For details, see Selecting clips.
In the Track view, click the Region FX menu, click the name of the desired ARA plug-in (for example, Melodyne), then select Create Region FX.
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