Recording audio in the Momentum plug-in

Last updated on 10/25/2017

There are several reasons why you would record audio into the Momentum plug-in rather than use drag-drop:

  • If your DAW doesn't support external drag and drop
  • If you have clip or track effects on the audio and you want to capture the audio post-processed
  • If you want to capture a group or stem of multiple audio tracks

This works similarly to recording from an audio device in the Momentum app, except that you must start playback in the DAW after pressing the record button in the plug-in:

  • Insert the Momentum plug-in on a track or a bus and open the Idea you want to record into. You can also place the Momentum plug-in anywhere in the signal flow path where you want to capture audio.
  • In the Momentum plug-in, select the track in which you would like to record
  • Click the Record button in the Momentum plug-in to start recording. You will then see a prompt to press Play in the DAW.
  • Start playback in the DAW to begin recording the audio from the DAW.
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