Out of Memory Error

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR (All SONAR Family Products)
  • Music Creator (All Versions)
  • Guitar Tracks (All Versions)

Error: "Out of Memory"
This can be caused by several things:

1) This error is typically received when attempting to apply an effect. This issue is caused when Windows registry information regarding a specific effect gets corrupted. 
Reinstalling the effect should resolve the issue. 

2) This issue can sometimes occur when video resources are low.
Close any extra views which are open and shut off any programs running in the background. In the case of a resource leak, you should should update your video card drivers, as well.

3) This can be caused when the file being imported is corrupted or write protected.  Many audio files ripped from CD using media players like itunes or Windows Media Player will encode them as protected files.  These files cannot be edited in any way and will cause an error during import.  Are you able to import other audio files? 

Try opening the audio file in another program to ensure it is not

4) Finally, if all of the above check out, uncheck 64-bit double precision engine under Options | Audio if you have SONAR 5 or later. 

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