SONAR Home Studio 7.0.1 Update

Last updated on 10/19/2017

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR Home Studio 7
  • SONAR Home Studio 7 XL

Issues Resolved in SONAR Home Studio 7.0.1:

  • General
    • Inserting and assigning sends is more stable and responsive
    • Arming single parameters for automation was not always functioning properly
    • The Insert Controllers command no longer causes freezes and instability in SONAR Home Studio
    • Editing track and bus names no longer causes CPU spikes
    • The Plug-in Manager no longer crashes on exporting a preset from the ACT MIDI Controller
    • Inaccuracies have been corrected regarding nudging, snapping, sliding and inserting time by Frames
    • Addressed instabilities regarding QuickTime import/export
    • In rare cases, SONAR Home Studio would crash when recording a stream of MIDI data (more likely on multi-core/multi-processor systems)
    • Loading projects saved with the Loop Explorer View or Loop Construction View opened no longer causes system instability
    • On some system configurations, project playback would stall/pause intermittently
    • Multi-selected clips could not be cropped together at certain zoom levels
    • The Quick Start dialogue is now available in all languages
    • French and German online help contents (.chm) are now included
    • Tutorial 1 project was relocated to reflect the path oulined in the tutorial
  • Audio Engine
    • SONAR Home Studio is now more stable when changing the driver type (WDM, ASIO) while the app is running
    • Control surface response to REW/FF operations has been improved
    • The first audio channel of certain ASIO devices will no longer reset unintentionally
    • SONAR Home Studio no longer drops out at low latency when using plugins that require latency compensation (i.e. Perfect Space)
    • Playback of projects containing missing plug-ins is more stable
  • Instrument Tracks
    • New tracks are no longer created as clips are moved within an instrument track containing a multi-out synth
    • SONAR Home Studio no longer crashes when accessing Track Properties | Instruments from an Instrument Track
    • Potential instabilities when right-clicking the Patch or Bank field of an Instrument Track have been resolved (Console View and Track View)
  • Track View
    • Several issues regarding drag-and-drop and cut/copy/paste have been resolved
    • A stability issue has been addressed after bouncing a track or clip containing a clip effects bin and then saving a project
    • Track controls such as gain, pan, and send level sometimes had no impact on the audio signal path
    • Nudging a clip up/down did not always move it to the adjacent track
    • Potential instability with the video track has been resolved
    • Importing multiple audio clips now properly places them in multiple tracks, instead of stacked together in a single track
    • Scrolling is now more responsive in large projects
    • Auto cross-fade settings were not being saved with project files
  • Track Folders
    • Editing multiple selected clips within folder tracks now edits all selected clips as expected
    • Moving tracks to folders no longer causes system instabilities

Please note you must have SONAR Home Studio 7.0.0 installed in order to run this update.

In order to access this free download you must be a registered SONAR Home Studio 7 customer. If you have not yet registered your product you can register online now.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Close any open Cakewalk applications
  2. Download and install the 7.0.1 update using the link below
  3. Next, time you launch SONAR Home Studio 7 hold down the SHIFT key
  4. You will be prompted with the message "SONAR Home Studio will now personalize your settings . . ."
  5. Click OK

DownloadDownload the SONAR Home Studio 7.0.1 Update

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