Surround Sound Tutorial Videos

Last updated on 3/30/2016


Click below for a great list of videos on surround sound and SONAR:

Our latest version of SONAR Producer includes the SurCode Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II encoders available directly from SONAR Producer's Export menu. Check out this video on using SurCode in SONAR.

SONAR's Surround Panner
We first introduced surround capabilities in SONAR 4. This clip goes over the basics of the Surround Panner in SONAR 4, which still holds true for later versions.

Rory Kaplan on Surround Mixing in SONAR
Rory Kaplan has had a long career as a technology leader as a musician, tech, producer, and A&R representative. Through his career he has worked with such greats as Michael Jackson, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Queen and many others. Rory recently adopted SONAR into his studio production arsenal, and Cakewalk was pleased to host to sessions featuring Rory. Rory discussed the history of Surround, talked about how much he likes SONAR 5 with specific examples, and discussed an upcoming project with Queen.


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