Pro Audio 9.x Patch Summary

Last updated on 3/31/2016

Bugs and other issues that have been addressed in version 9.03:

   Adds support for Roland U-8.

   Processing the Transpose MIDI effect over several linked clips transposed the clips excessively.

   Fretboard view: Playing file with more than 6 strings could cause system to crash.

   Studioware panel automation data was recorded and updated even when the Record and Update options were disabled.

   The AudioX Transports tab in the Options-Global dialog was missing Help file.

   MIDI playback would sometimes cease after Solo'd editing in the Audio View.



Bugs and other issues that have been addressed in version 9.02:

         Pro Audio displayed invalid Direct-X Plug-Ins when used in Windows 2000.         

         Pressing F1 from the Cakewalk Problem Reporter generated a Help error message.

         Constraining Pan and Volume Envelope nodes did not function as described in Help.         

         Audio View could be resized after maximize, causing redraw problems.

         Running the Migration Wizard and choosing a previous installation where the WaveData or PictureCache folder was invalid sometimes caused the WaveData and PictureCache folders to be set to the same value. Pro Audio asked for the wavedata directory, but actually set the picture cache.

         Some BUNs with mono and stereo audio data expanded to excessive size, prohibiting users with low disk space from opening the file. 

         Edit-Audio-Remove Silence moved clips to undesired locations. 

         Installer mistakenly installed an old version of DirectX under Windows 2000. Installer installed DirectX 5.1 even though Windows 2000 ships with DirectX 7. The Installer no longer installs an older version of DirectX.    

         The MP3 Encoder's default bit rate was set at 320000. The default is now 128000.                       

         The wrong Bank Select Method not inserted correctly. When switching ports on a MIDI track, all Instrument settings switched correctly, except for Bank Select Method, which stayed at the old setting.

         Audio recording was inconsistent if scroll bar was moved while recording. 

         Dragging mouse in Tempo View caused crash. 

         There was a bad file in session drummer: Hard Rock 114 - open hat. It is now working correctly.  

         Opening a wrk file saved in 9 in 9.01 caused the AudioX console settings to be lost.

         Opening files that were created in 9.0 with AudioX driver into 9.01 with AudioX driver 1.01.128 sometimes caused a crash.

         Various other minor enhancements.

Bugs and other issues that have been addressed in version 9.01:

       Tools-Mixdown-Export to File would sometimes abort if only small sections of audio were being exported. 

         Standard Midi Files created in Pro Audio would not open properly in Roland MC50 MKII sequencers. 

         The Generic instrument definition was assigned to the wrong patch list. 

         Improved handling of extracting Bank/Patch Change events from Type 1 MIDI files and putting them in the Track pane Bank and Patch columns. 

         If audio files can't be located when loading a project, you will have the option of manually locating the missing audio. When a "missing audio" file is located, the next Missing Audio browse dialog will now start in the most recent directory. 

         The Missing Audio dialog now lists both .WAV and .WA~ files. 

         The first time a WRK file is saved, Pro Audio will now display a dialog reminding you that audio data doesn't actually live in the WRK file, but is only referenced from the WRK file. This dialog can be suppressed for future projects. 

         The Migrate Preferences dialog (displayed the first time you run Pro Audio) now contains more descriptive text, and recommends that you migrate preferences from a previous installed version of Pro Audio (if applicable). 

         Projects with very short audio clips that repeated over and over could cause dropouts during playback. 

         Path names that were manually entered in Options-Global-Folder did not always save properly. 

         When flushing the Picture (Cache) directory, all files in the Picture directory were eligible to be deleted (even .WAV files). Now only .WOV (picture) files are deleted. 

         In certain situations, it was possible to create a state where Console view faders were at 127 (max), yet no playback levels were heard. 

         Playlist: Windows for the "Next" song were not displayed prior to the "Hit any key to continue" dialog. 

         Track parameters entered via the Track Properties dialog or Track menu now properly support undo/redo. 

         When selecting a bit depth that is unsupported by the audio hardware, Pro Audio didn't present a warning until the program was restarted. Pro Audio now presents a warning when closing the DirectShow Audio dialog. 

         Line 6 POD StudioWare panel has been updated with many enhancements. 

         If using multiple AudioX devices (i.e. two DSP Factory cards), each AudioX console now opens with proper settings. 

         Cakewalk FX and CFX effects with high LFO settings could cause noise. Algorithms have been improved to sound better and be more efficient. 

         AmpSim Lite settings are now restored properly. 

         Using the Scissors tool in the Audio view when zoomed way in could produce unexpected results. 

         When using Tools-Mixdown Audio, the progress bar in the status bar would process with regards to the entire track, not the selected event(s). 

         The Options menu was not displayed if a Playlist or CAL view was active. 

         All plug-ins have been optimized and re-compiled to be smaller (disk space). 

         Stereo tracks that were processed with FX EQ (Stereo) did not sound the same as their mono, and identically processed, counterparts. 

         Clicks in audio could occur after destructive edit, such as Edit-Audio-Fade In/Out

         Settings in the Insert-Video File dialog did not persist in the same session. 

         The Stereo Split checkbox in the Insert-Video File dialog was incorrectly deriving its value from the Import Audio Stream checkbox. 

         Added 'Delete Whole Measures' option to the Drag and Drop Options dialog. 

         In certain situations, copying clips with drag and drop could produce new clips that were off by one tick. 

         Dragging a stereo .WAV file into the Audio view would create a pair of mono tracks instead of a single stereo track. 

         Console view: Remote control of all faders, sliders and buttons were available when StudioMix was enabled. 

         Pro Audio could lead to a crash if you were recording automation data via remote control while recording audio, pressed Ctrl-Z to undo, then closed Pro Audio. 

         AudioX - Yamaha DSP Factory: The FX1000 UI has been changed to indicate the state of a single effect block only; this allows correct programming of the hardware interface for the parameters of the FX1000. 

         Console view: In certain situations, a Aux Return value did not represent actual mix value. 

         Console view: In certain situations when looping, Aux buses did not always respond to automation data. 

         Piano Roll view: Arrow keys failed to scroll the Note pane horizontally after clicking in the Time Ruler. 

         The first attempt of recording a stereo audio track did not take if input monitoring was on and the audio source was changed from outside of the Console view. 

         Various enhancements to the Tools-Mixdown Audio command(s) when dealing with Aux buses. 

         Metronome was out of sync if playback started in the middle of a looped section. 

         Console view Remote Control did not respond to NRPNs. 

         Audio input meters would be lost (no signal) under certain circumstances. 

         Opening the Patch Browser would mark a file as dirty (modified). 

         Running Normalize on a stereo audio event when the right channel contained silence would create a square wave. 

         Staff view: moving a note with the Pencil tool would change the duration. 

         Piano Roll view: The Delete key wouldn't delete data until another process had been executed in the Piano Roll View first. 

         Exporting to a file type other than .WAV in Dual-Mono mode (separate left and right mono files) will fail to delete the right channel temporary file after the operation.  This would leave redundant files in the wave data directory. 

         The Parametric EQ plug-in that was included in previous versions of Pro Audio will no longer show up in Pro Audio 9. Older Pro Audio projects that used the Parametric EQ will open in Pro Audio 9, but the Parametric EQ will be substituted with the new Stereo EQ. 

         Audio view: using drag and drop to move audio events in linked clips could cause other events to disappear if Blend Old and New was enabled. 

         If an AudioX console was open, Master Fader groups in the Console view were not saved properly. 

         Pitch Shifter plug-in wouldn't accept values between 0 and -1. 

         Fixed various problems with stretching mono and stereo audio simultaneously. 

         Audio view: combining overlapping mono & stereo audio events could cause unexpected results if any tracks were muted or soloed. 

         Normalizing a stereo and a mono audio clip, then saving as a bun file, could result in the file not loading when trying to re-open. 

         Default Paste settings change if no events were copied and can lead to a situation where it looks like Paste is not working. When particular event types aren't in the selection, their respective check boxes are now disabled. 

         Unlinking clips and applying an audio effect then attempting to save as a bun file could cause an 'Out of Memory' error. 

         Windows NT: Opening a .BUN (bundle) file could cause a general error under Windows NT. 

         BUN files which contained both mono and stereo audio data could become corrupted under certain circumstances. 

         The Options-Audio-Drivers dialog was missing keyboard shortcut keys. 

         Record punch-in & punch-out setting times were not being saved in project files. 

         The Tempo view did not remember the state of the Tempo List pane the next time the Tempo view was opened. The state of the Tempo List pane is now stored between uses in the same session, in different sessions and in .WRK/TPL/BUN files. 

         StudioWare and CAL files were not listed in alphabetical order in the Key Bindings dialog box. 

         Initial track parameter settings were not respected during a loop. 

         Many of the MFX MIDI plug-ins now have defined presets. 

         Event List view: Current event was centered only if playback was initiated before the view was opened. 

         Ctrl+F4 did not close a DirectX effect window when used in real-time mode. 

         Mixdown Audio dialog: typing a file extension as part of the file name did not change the File type. 

         Envelopes would be lost when stretching audio events. 

         Playlist: views were offset and did not open at the expected location. 

         Tempo changes can now be changed in real-time from the Tempo toolbar. 

         Input meters would sometimes change their dB Scale after recording. 

         Automation playback when locked to SMPTE/MTC could be out of sync with the UI. 

         Using Edit-Select-All, opening a Piano Roll view, then deleting a multiple tracks from the Track view could cause a crash. 

         Shortcut keys for note durations in the Piano Roll view did not work.  

         Waveform display didn't always update correctly after doing using Edit-Select-All, followed by Normalize. 

         If any audio track was muted, the Tools-Mixdown Audio-Bounce to Track(s) command did not respect the selected time range.

         Moving the "Channel" knob in the AWE StudioWare panel during MIDI playback could cause an IPF error.

         Mixing a stereo track to a mono wave file with automation could cause pops and clicks when playing back the wave.

         Under rare circumstances, splitting audio events could cause a crash.

         Deleting multiple tracks then performing an Undo would not always restore all deleted tracks.

         If a dropout occurred while auditioning an offline effect, it would sometimes be impossible to Cancel the Audition.

         Various other minor enhancements.


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