I can’t see the latest update in Command Center

Last updated on 4/6/2016

Note that with the Cakewalk Command Center 1.1.2 update (released September 2015), this behavior has now changed. New installations of Command Center will check for updates immediately. However, installations of Command Center that are updated to v1.1.2 will retain the previously-set update interval and the instructions below still apply.


If you have learned that there is an update for your Cakewalk software, yet everything shows green (product is installed and up-to-date), there is an easy way to force Command Center to run an update scan.

To do this, click the settings button (the cogwheel in the upper-right corner of the Command Center). On this page, under the Options tab, you will see a button that says Check Now. Click this button and Command Center will scan for updates. Once this has completed, you will automatically be returned to your installation page where you will now see your updates available as indicated by the yellow lights.




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