Creating a Cakewalk Account

Last updated on 4/11/2016

I've never created an account with Cakewalk before, what do I do?

Welcome! You can get started with creating a new account here.

I already have a Cakewalk Store or Cakewalk Forum account, do I need to create a Cakewalk Account?

If you have not logged into the Cakewalk website since prior to June 18th, 2014, you MUST create a new account. On this date, Cakewalk migrated to a new account system. Visit our Account FAQ for more information. Below are links to get started:

  • If you have never registered a Cakewalk Forum account, click here to get started with creating a new account.
  • If you did have a Cakewalk Forum account, you can migrate your account if you wish to keep your post history. Click here to get started.

When creating an account, you must have access to the email address provided. We recommend providing the same email address (if you still have access to it) that you have used to register products with Cakewalk in the past. This will allow us to automatically associate your product history with your new account. If you do not have access to your previous email address, create the account with your current email address. If necessary, visit this article regarding migrating past registrations into your Cakewalk account.

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