I didn't receive my product serial number.

Last updated on 3/31/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR (All SONAR family Products)
  • Guitar Tracks (All Versions)
  • Music Creator
  • Kinetic 2
  • pyro Audio Creator 

When you buy a new Cakewalk product such as SONAR 8, SONAR Home Studio 7, or pyro Audio Creator directly from Cakewalk, Your serial number and registration codes are emailed to you, using the address you provided during your purchase.

You can click here to see your Cakewalk products along with serial numbers and registration codes.

If you have never received your serial number and registration code, please call Cakewalk Customer Service at 888-CAKEWALK, or 617-423-9004. They'll re-send the code and have you up and running ASAP. 

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